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Who We are?

Środowisko Miejskie is a contemporary streetwear and sportswear brand that was officially registered in 2013.
What stands out for new responsibilities.
A carefully crafted T-shirt that is not just for him. It is for everyone who wants to be conscious and feel good.
Whether it's your first game of the season or your third college exit this week, we'll never let you down.

The city is teeming with life, every weekend has something to offer.
The urban jungle is full of places and new experiences, and you encounter old and new architecture every time.
Get to know your common city from the Urban Environment.
Our brand's clothes provide comfort, a sense of uniqueness and emphasize your subversive character.

Our offer includes a large selection of sweatshirts, sweatshirts with and without a hood, joggers and sweatpants.
To produce our highest quality hygiene products available on the Polish market.
All prints are supplied with a screen printing or embroidery technique that is durable and abrasion resistant.

Our brand also offers care products for working people, preparations and all...
Who can put it into use and ensure solid workmanship.
We sew and deliver clothes made of high-quality fabrics from proven manufacturers.

Our mission is to create products that will be dangerous.

Courage, glory, loyalty - these are just a few things that hold our "Środowiskowy Laur".

Wear it with pride. Take care of your environment.

We are developing thanks to you, for which we are grateful!

Środowisko Miejskie - seal of quality and workmanship.

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