How to shop step by step in our store?

Step 1 - Choosing products

  •          browse the list of categories or use the search engine to find the right product,
  •          next to each product you will find detailed information about it,        
  •          after finding the product you are interested in, add it to the basket,        
  •          if the order is completed - go to the basket.

Step 2 - Cart Contents

  •          in the basket you will see exactly what products you have chosen and in what quantity,
  •          change the value in the quantity column and click "save" to match the order,     
  •          by clicking on "remove" - you will remove products from the basket,    
  •          confirm the selected options by clicking the "order" button.

Step 3 - Placing an order

  •          enter your name and contact information,
  •          choose the form of delivery and payment that suits you,
  •          any additional information about the contract should be placed in the "comment" field,
  •          below you will see the complete set of information you provided,    
  •          confirm that you accept the terms and conditions,        
  •          clicking on the "Send order" button means the purchase confirmation,       
  •          receive an email with transfer details and information about your order.

Product added to wishlist

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